Greek Salad

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For the Salad:

  • Red Bell Pepper
    : 3/4th
  • Green Bell Pepper
    : 1
  • Onion
    : 1
  • Olives pitted, halved
    : 30
  • baby Tomatoes/2 tomatoes diced
    : 15
  • Lettuce leaves
    : 5
  • Feta cubes
    : 1 cup

For the dressing:

  • Garlic crushed
    : 3
  • Oregano
    : 2 teaspoons
  • Lemon’s Juice
    : 1
  • Olive Oil
    : 3 tablespoons
  • Feta Cheese
    : 3/4 cup

Hi Folks!!!!

Here I’m again with one more belated post. This time its a healthy, low carb salad which has acclaimed its position all across the globe. This has got an added advantage as this is a filling and tasty salad for the diet people too. Plenty of vegetables like capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, cucumber and feta cheese. A light hearty dressing with olive oil, oregano and lime juice is what it makes this salad an heart warming one. This salad which comes around in 10 minutes, gets its distinctiveness from Feta Cheese. This recipe came up as a priority due to the regular visit to a Greek restaurant which serves mind blowing food specially salads.

Any boring and dull salad, sandwich or soup can be turned into a delightful one with the addition of cheese. There’s a general misconception that fats are bad for health, especially cheese, butter and ghee along with the transfats. But this is just a misconception which has long been burdened on cheese along with ghee and butter. As I always say, mediocrity is the solution for any and everything. I have seen many people making oh and ah sounds when it comes to cheese and fat. But this myth has been broken. It is said that a reasonable amount of good fat is a must for a healthy body. Prime three nutrients which our body need are good carbs that generate energy, proteins that work essentially for muscle building and fats which protect the nerve sheath coating, provides insulation for the body and regulate the smooth functioning of hormones.

Feta Cheese comes in the good fat category. In fact it is one of the healthiest fat which can be consumed fearlessely. Experts around the world recommend feta cheese to be included in the diet because of its health benefits. What exactly is Feta cheese. It originates in Greece. It is a soft white brined cheese made out of goat’s milk . Originally feta is credited to certain areas of Greece. This is made from a certain variety of sheep raised in those areas which are fed on the local grass. It is said that the unique and fabulous taste of that Feta comes specifically due to the feed. Believe me, the original Greek feta is mind blowing and if you get a chance to go a Greek restaurant which serves authentic cuisine, please do try out the salads with feta over there. You will find the difference of what we get in local markets and what the original one tastes.

Feta is tangy and sharp when it is made with sheep’s milk. Its lighter, when sheep’s milk is mixed with goat’s milk. Though we get this as a block, it crumbles immediately when we cut it or take it in our hand. It has got a creamy nature when we taste it, which is what made us a fan of this great cheese. Feta cheese is light in nature compared to other cheeses like cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella. It is easier to digest, is anti inflammatory, causes less allergy for people who are allergic to dairy. In addition to fat and calcium, it also a good source of protein. It is an excellent source of probiotic since it contains, many bacteria and yeasts which are good for your digestive system. Made of goat’s milk, this supports the bone health in a great way.

This is a simple salad to prepare. Wash down all the vegetables and drain it completely. Chop them in strips. Coat them in the salad dressing and serve fresh. This salad is a perfect filling dinner. Instead of having all those heavy carbs and oily food, you can choose this for dinner. Very satisfying, light on stomach and above all a feel good factor which will satisfy your soul.

Step 1

Dice the Capsicums to chunks. Halve the tomatoes if using baby tomatoes or into chunks if using normal ones. Cut the onions into rings nd then halved. Pit the olives if you are using seeded ones. Tear or chop roughly the lettuce. Add all these into a salad a bowl.

Step 2

Combine everything together. Add to the vegetables. Toss.

Step 3

Garnish on top with Feta Cheese . Serve Immediately.

Step 4

This is a low carb/ Keto salad which is healthy as well as filling. Greek Salad is perfect for a light Dinner.

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