French Toast Roll

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  • Milk Bread
    : 6 slices
  • Nutella
    : 6 tbsps
  • Strawberries
    : 5

For the Dip:

  • Egg
    : 1
  • fresh Cream
    : 1/4 cup
  • Vanilla essence
    : 1/2 teaspoon


Hey Folksss!!!!!!

Coincidentally my recipe updates are coinciding with the festival season, though this post was to be shared a month back. I’m so greatful that this will be of some help to peeps who are searching to do something different for Diwali. It has been so hectic for the last few months and the time I find solace is when I indulge in cooking and sharing the recipes especially recipes like this.

French Toast is a breakfast for the western people. It is served in different style and with accompaniments. In India we serve this as snack or with evening tea. Indian way is slightly different from the western style. Like in every field, culinary field also bring in peristroika according to times. Every recipe undergo mutation and gets evolved during the course of time. French toast also had its share of advancement. You can see creme fraiche served along with fresh berries when French toast is served. Maple syrup, fruit couli and reductions, whipped cream, the options are endless.

Rolls in different forms are a trend in India. Savory ones are the leads in this group. But off late, sweet fillings and spreads have also started competing with each other. Sweet egg fillings, cheese fillings, chocolate fillings along with fruits and nuts can be seen widely. Chocolate has got its share of attention for these rolls. Nutella in specific is a preferred spread as far as rolls with bread is concerned. It is one of the luscious spread which can make anyone an addict to it. There are heated discussions going on about the benefits and negatives of this spread which is lured over by kids and adults as well.

As always, I’m repeating my thoughts and experience. Maintain a mediocrity in whatever you do, will safeguard you to some extent from ill effects. Once in a while you can surely indulge in food coma. So having some nutells french toast roll is not going to bring some mountain down.

Spread a generous amount of nutella on to the rolled out bread. I’m using strawberries here to cut short the sweetness and to make it a bit healthy since I serve this for breakfast to my kids. Cut out the edges of the bread in depth. Always use fresh sandwich bread for this roll. This will help in getting a perfect roll.

For the egg dip, I’m using a combination of eggs and cream to make it filling and heavenly. As nutella is sweet, I’m not adding in any sugar to the egg dip. Also we are giving a final coat with cinnamon sugar dip which will help in getting the right sweetness. Vanilla is added for flavoring. This when combined with cinnamon gives a cinnabony aroma and flavor. Recipes and food like these gives a unique pleasure and fulfillment, don’t you all think so???? Indeed a foodie like me, enjoys every moment right from planning to executing to consuming foods like these. The foodie in me always awakes with a tingling sensations at the mere thoughts of interesting and indulgent dishes like these.

I hope you all too would love to prepare simple dishes like these which are so heart warming too. Would love to hear from you all regarding every details of my blogging which will help in improving my journey forward.


Trim the edges neatly. Roll out each bread slice one by one using a rolling pin from end to the other as you do for pastries or flat breads.


Spread Nutella on each slice generously. Place sliced strawberries on one side.Roll from one end till the other and press gently to seal the edges. Repeat for all the slices and set aside.


Beat the egg lightly. Add the cream and vanilla. Whisk again to blend well.

Heat a non stick pan. Throw in a dab of butter. Smear it around the pan.


Dip the rolls in egg wash and place in the pan on medium high heat. Flip it over once golden in color. Remove once both sides are done and slighlty golden in color.

Take 3 tbsp of Castor sugar or sugar of your choice. Add a tsp of powdered Cinnamon. Combine both until well blended. Dip in cinnamon sugar immediately.

Serve hot .


Happy Cooking!!!!!!

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