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  • Eggs
    : 2
  • Salt
    : 1/2 teaspoon
  • Milk
    : 1 cup
  • Water
    : 1 1/2 cups
  • All purpose flour
    : 1 cup
  • Rose water
    : 1 teaspoon


  • fresh grated Coconut
    : 11/2 cups
  • Sugar of your choice
    : 1/4 cup
  • Cardamom powder
    : 1/2 teaspoon

Elanchi or the Indian crepe is a snack which is fairly known in different names not only in India but around the world. In India this is known in variety of pretty names and are often made for special occassions too. Elanchi is simply some normal crepes with a simple coconut filling. I often wonder how things so simple and light as these could impart such ecstacy in flavors, which has made it so distinguished and wanted.

Elanchi holds a ton of memories for me. I was put in boarding school during my early years of schooling. This school was considered one of the best in Kerala that time. Our hostel was well advanced as far as the facilities concerned and the food offered. Elanchi was served weekly once for the evening tea. This used to be the one snack which we all eagerly waited for. We used to be served only 2 portions of this crepes and used to crave for a third and fourth helping, though it never happened.

After the hostel days, it was relished with fervor occassionally. Life moved on. After becoming the mother of my daughter, things changed. As were living outside of India, I always wanted her to imbibe our every culture and tradition, that included the cuisine also. As I felt that kids living outside, always had a tendency to go for the cuisine of that particular region or the western food. I used to relive my childhood through my daughter by preparing the things I used to relish during my younger years. Luckily she had that gene in her, which were much similar to mine.

It was during these years that Elanchi became a regular member of our family. When my daughter started her schooling, this food was one of the item which she loved to take as a tiffin. This was continued when my second and third one also joined our bandwagon. Now they all have grown up into lovely teenager, but they do prefer and hog their mamma’s Elanchi with as much fervor as they had in their childhood.

Crepes are made all over the world in the same way. Flour, eggs, fat and milk. The only difference in this crepe is that I add some water instead of full quantity of milk. Rest all of the procedures are same. Filling can be an option according to the region and preference. But for this Malabar styled Crepe filling, nothing but coconut will do. I know I dont have to write much about the this and I dont have anything to write. The consistency of the crepe batter is the only important thing to be taken care of. The more the light, the more tastier it would be. I added some rose water to transform it completley to an Indian/ Malabar version.

This is a dish which is oil free and can be made for Iftar too. That is another reason whi I posted this during this time of the year. So enjoy your days. This can be made and kept in advance for the tiffin too.


Beat the eggs lighlty. Add salt, milk and one cup water in the beginning. Whisk everything until combined.


Add the flour and incorporate without any lumps. To get the right batter consistency, if you need more water you can add accordingly the half cup of water.


Combine to a loose batter. Rest for 15 minutes. Add the rose water just before you make the crepes.


Combine all the ingredients of filling together in a bowl. Set side.


Heat a pan. Pour a ladle of batter. Spread out in a thin layer.


When the edge starts coming out take out of the pan. Keep it on a plate


Place a 2 tablespoons of filling on one side. Roll into a cylinder. Finsih off the complete crepes by repeating the same procedure.

Enjoy !!!!!

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