Strawberry Sauce
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Sauces like strawberry, raspberry , blueberry, plum or fruit compote are the stuff you would find in my fridge most of the time. These are the simple things which will go a long way when you have to plate up a quick breakfast/dessert/afternoon tea. You can make pancakes, crepes or even french toast

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Prawns in Tender Coconut
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Prawns in tender coconut is a very unique dish and its simple to prepare. I always use coconut when preparing malabari/malayali curries, but this one uses tender coconut which has a different taste and texture. I get bored preparing the same dishes often and thats when the crazy ideas come to mind and new recipes spring up.

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Kannur Biriyani
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This is one of my popular main course dishes among our friends. I got several request for this recipe. India is famous for different varieties of biriyani. One amongst them is the Malabar biriyani which is a craze these days. Mutton biriyani is considered to be the most tastiest among biriyani’s. If you taste pure Kannur beef biriyani I think majority of you would agree with me.

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Yakhni Mutton
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Yakhni in Persian or Urdu simply means stock or broth. It is often the base for many foods like Biriyani or Pilaf (pulao) and for Soups and Shorbas. In some part of the world like the middle eastern region, Greece and Turkey it is a stew of meat, fish or vegetables in a browned onion base. Many Indian dishes have been inspired and influenced by the Persians and Arab settlers in our region. I think Yakhni is one amongst them.

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