Yakhni Mutton
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Yakhni in Persian or Urdu simply means stock or broth. It is often the base for many foods like Biriyani or Pilaf (pulao) and for Soups and Shorbas. In some part of the world like the middle eastern region, Greece and Turkey it is a stew of meat, fish or vegetables in a browned onion base. Many Indian dishes have been inspired and influenced by the Persians and Arab settlers in our region. I think Yakhni is one amongst them.

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Basic Marinade
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This marinade recipe is one of my kitchen basics. I make a big batch of this and store it in the fridge. It lasts for months and is one of the most tried and tested recipes of mine. This can be used for fish, meat, chicken and even for paneer (cottage cheese) and Tofu. I used this in small amounts when I bake chicken of different types.This marinade is best for fish fry.

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Cinnamon Bread Rolls
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I get super excited at the thought of making snacks for ramadan. My lil boys want something that excites them after long fasting hours.Guests are another factor which drives me to experimenting with new stuff. I was tired and did not have any ideas about what do one evening.

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Festivals are an hallmark of Indian Culture.There are a bout of festivals celebrated in all parts of the country round the year.New year celebrations or the harvest festivals are one of the most important among them.The South Indian state of Kerala along with some districts in Karnataka celebrate the harvest/ new year usually in the second week of April.

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