Prawns Jackfruit seed & Raw mango curry
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Whenever I hear the word Jack fruit, my thoughts take me back to childhood days and summer vacations. My ancestral home was a farm house built on acres of land. It was full of trees; Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, papaya, chickoo and guava, not to mention the dairy and varieties of poultry.

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Plantain Custard Pudding
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Plantain is abundantly used in my home town. It is used from flowering stage, to raw and finally in different stages of ripened forms. the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is applicable in the case of plantains also. Though high in calories, it has loads of vitamins and protects from certain diseases.

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Passion fruit Bubble Tea
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As per my promise my next recipe with passion fruit is all set to go. This summer, the time I spent in Kerala was exciting because seasonal fruits like mango, jackfruit and passion fruit were enjoyed in different forms. I collected a bunch of passionfruit and turned it into a concentrate that can be stored for months. 

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Indian cuisine is mainly associated with Mughals and Persians. If you look back at the history of culinary finesse you can find that the Persian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines have so much in common. The Mughals who looked to Persia for their cultural models invariably got influenced by their taste and food habits too.

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