Quail Pepper Roast
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Traditional quail roast is one of the delicacies found in our place for feasts and for marriages and in traditional toddy shops. The one I have put up here is the spicy type. You can change the degree of spice according to your taste and level of enjoyment for this particular spice – Pepper.

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Moussaka, a dish common to Greece, Turkey and the Balkans is an eggplant/aubergine based dish layered alternatively with minced meat made with onions, tomatoes in various forms as base and topped with béchamel sauce. There are many variations to it according to the region and according to one’s fancy.

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Summer Cooler
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Hi everyone! Here’s the video of Summer Cooler made with mangoes and pineapple. Check it out and try out.

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I’ve wanted to try churros since I saw them being made on Master chef Australia a few seasons ago, but I’ve never seen any being sold here. I think I’ve just been looking in the wrong places though. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

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