Athishayapathiri (Crepes layered with Meat and Egg fillings)
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PREPARATION Athishayapathiri, a very unique dish of Malabar, for me is a sister version of Lasagna. For me, this is  yet another reiteration of my hard belief that human kind is and can be bounded soley, without any differences by food and food only. I can proudly say this is a fusion food by the […]

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PREPARATION Malabar as a region and North Malabar in particular is well known for its delicacies. You are sure to find umpteen number of main course dishes which are a feast to your eyes as well as to our palatte. Things get challenged when it come to the snacks servings. I have never ever seen […]

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Mutton Pepper Fry
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Hi folks… I have been very slow in updating the blog recently. So trying in to get myself more involved in writing down the recipes. My wiritng depends on my mood completely. Even if its a couple of lines, for me to get into that flow is a bit of a task. There are some […]

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Elanchi or the Indian crepe is a snack which is fairly known in different names not only in India but around the world. In India this is known in variety of pretty names and are often made for special occassions too. Elanchi is simply some normal crepes with a simple coconut filling. I often wonder […]

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