Hot Chocolate
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PREPARATION Hot chocolate and I share a long lasting deep bonded relationship. This is the beverage I have mainly during mid mornings and lat nights. Come winter, this becomes a regular in our family. During my childhood, there used to be cows in our family and milk was in abundance. We used to have different […]

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Puttu 3 ways
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PREPARATION I know I can go on and on at length when it comes to Puttu. But I promise this time I’m not going to bore you with long descriptions, history and facts of this steamed cake. Like in every dish, this Indian bread too has many versions. Before I get into the details of […]

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Churros Pancake
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PREPARATION Pancakes, a breakfast food which is patented as American, can be found in variable forms through out the nations of the world. Pancakes are usually thin flat cake made with a loose batter consisting of eggs, flour, oil milk or water, cooked in a frying pan or griddle. This is where the American pancakes […]

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Thai Red Chicken Mango Curry
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PREPARATION We are a foodie family who loves delicious food from anywhere in the world. Thai food is a hot favorite as they too have curries with coconut milk having high spice level. As I have mentioned earlier, the mallu gene in me always find a way to add in coconut in some form or […]

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