Apple Banana Raisin Pudding
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PREPARATION Started as a frugal cook’s, way of using stale, left over bread, bread pudding now shows up on the dessert menu of upscale restaurants and is featured amongst gourmet food. Known as a poor man’s food in the 13th century in England, this dish has travelled a long way to get featured amongst the […]

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Chinese Spring Rolls
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PREPARATION Yet another classic from my Mom’s kitchen. Chinese spring rolls flushes in tons of memories for me. It was in my high school that my mom first made these spring rolls. Both my Dad and Mom were foodies, though my Mom always maintained a balance in her diet. My dad was an insane foodie […]

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Pesto chicken Sandwich
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PREPARATION Hey folks!!!! You might be thinking why I’m obsessed with Pesto. Frankly speaking, its all worth it. I had shared with you all different types of Pesto last week. These are so good and make our life easier, Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, this sauce is a sweet heart which is healthy, filling […]

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Pesto 4 ways
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PREPARATION   Italian cuisines have always delighted me and my family. My daughter and sons always are after this cuisine. Any given day, they would prefer Italian over Indian, which I dont entertain much. Though I firmly put my foot down to maintain a decorum of traditional food, we are a bunch who enjoys any […]

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