Creamy Biscuit Pudding
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PREPARATION Festivals are a time to rejoice, to meet the dear and near ones and to give selflessly to the needy and to your dear ones. Food is the best gift or charity you can do for anyone. During this Eid I want to remember all those suffering hunger and war and am contributing what […]

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Cheesy Unnakaya Balls (Cheesy Plantain Balls)
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PREPARATION Unnakaya is a relishing snack which is sought after in our state. Though its origin is from the Malabar region and is a dish which is made by muslims, it has found its way to the tummies of people all over Kerala. Plantains are consumed in a various forms but this dish is the […]

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Healthy Iftar Meal
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PREPARATION Ramadan time or the fasting time, in a year, observed by the Muslims all over the world, is a time for repentance, patience, good deeds, self control and to know the value of hunger. It is the 9th month of Islamic calendar which is considered to be the holiest month as Quran was revealed […]

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Arrowroot Milk Sharbath
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PREPARATION Milk beverages forms an integral part of Indian cuisine. Fresh Milk was a staple amongst large chunk population as Cow was reared in these households. It was not only used as a nutritious drink but also used in Ayurvedic medicine preparations and naturopathy. Milk takes different forms and heterogeneity ad drinks, snacks, sweets and […]

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