Arrowroot Milk Sharbath

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  • Milk
    : 1 Litre
  • Sugar
    : 1 cup
  • Arrowroot powder
    : 1/2 cup
  • Water
    : 1 cup
  • Ice-cream essence
    : 1 tsp
  • Red color
    : 2 drops
  • Green food color
    : 2 drop
  • Black poppy
    : 3 tablespoons


Milk beverages forms an integral part of Indian cuisine. Fresh Milk was a staple amongst large chunk population as Cow was reared in these households. It was not only used as a nutritious drink but also used in Ayurvedic medicine preparations and naturopathy. Milk takes different forms and heterogeneity ad drinks, snacks, sweets and desserts. Welcome drink, health drinks, party drinks, beverages made of milk during illness, for kids, elderly, the list goes endless.

Arrowroot is extensively used in our region for many medicinal and body cooling system. Porridges and milk drinks are the top amongst them. We usually make a light porridge or these cold beverages which are a pleasure to relish. Arrowroot powder is made the from the roots of arrowroot,which is native to South America. Arrowroot powder is fine, clear white and odorless item, generally used as thickening agent, stabilizing agent and in kid’s food. Low in calories, arrowroot is totally gluten free, has more protein than other tubers like yam, cassava, plantains and potato.

When cooked, arrowroot turns clear and transparent which is one of its unique qualities as far as drinks and desserts are concerned. In this recipe, I’m thickening the arrowroot by cooking it and then letting it to set by adding red and green colors. Colors are totally optional. I do that to make it attractive and appealing to kids and also for photographs. Arrowroot helps in cooling the body down, aids in digestion and overall digestive health.

We prepare a simple porridge with a bit of salt and sugar for loose motion and when stomach gets upset. Simple puddings can also be prepared by this wonder powder for kids and elders as a breakfast dish. Once the arrow root is cooked you can form different shapes with it and add to chilled milk.

Boiling down the milk to a thick creamy consistency, with sugar, is what gives this beverage the desired taste. Once it is boiled down to half it’s original quantity, allow to cool down. Chill very well. Clean, wash and soak the poppy seeds in water. Add this to the milk once chilled. This well help loosen the milk a bit and will also quench the thirst. Ice cream essence is perfect for this drink, if you don’t have that you can add vanilla essence which will round off this milk sharbath to totally a relishing drink which you will crave for again and again.


Boil the milk along with sugar. Keep stirring without burning. Reduce to half the quantity. Milk should be thick and creamy in colour. Remove from the stove and allow it cool down. Transfer to refrigerator and chill.


Stir continuously till it becomes custardy in texture and thick without lumps. You will get a transparent arrowroot mixture. Allow the temperature to reduce. Then divide into half. Add2 drop Green food color to one half and mix homogeneously. Transfer-the cooked arrowroot to a plate. Add 2 drops Red color to the remaining half.


Combine this too well .Transfer to a plate.Allow it to cool down. Then Chill in refrigerator. Cut into tiny cubes before serving.


Add 1 tsp Ice-cream essence to the chilled milk along with cleaned, washed and soaked 3 tablespoons Black poppy/Basil(khuskhus) in 1 cup water. Mix up everything.


Layer the serving glass with the set and sliced arrowroot . Pour the milk over.


Enjoy the summer and Iftar drink.

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