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Food has been a passion in MY family since generations. It’s been said that our forefathers sold their lands to buy the best fish, meat and foodstuff. Feasting, hosting grandeur parties for distinguished guests, this is what I’ve heard and seen during my childhood. My great grandma, grandma and mom were superb cooks who turned simple dishes into yummiest of the lot. The passion for food and culinary skills run in my blood.

I started experimenting with food at an early age. Desserts were my main field of interest that time.However, staying with my grandparents gave me ample opportunities for trying out dishes like traditional biriyani, curries etc. Though I was a psychology major, I took up professional cooking after the delivery of my third son, when I was idling at home after quitting my boring office job, which took off well and culminated in starting a full fledged restaurant.

I’ve done many cooking shows and written for magazines and newspapers but these opportunities were infrequent and short-lived and therefore was not enough to express myself. So, I started blogging on Tumblr for a while now. Due to many limitations I felt I should start a blog on my own and that is when kitchendiaries was born. I want to share my thoughts, my experiments, some tips, new developments in the food and health world and the many aspects related to this field.

So here I am, Simi Anwar, an Indian currently living in the UAE with my husband and three kids (all of whom love to cook and are my little sous chefs), and hopefully, this will turn out to be a wonderful adventure.

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The Philosophy

“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.